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ImgBurn - a free application for burning CDs. The program supports many formats, including: PDI, NRG, MDS, ISO, IMG, GI, DVD, DI, BIN. The main feature of ImgBurn is that it supports a large number of burning devices, the application also works with devices with the function of changing the bitsetting and booktype parameters from Sony, Plextor, NEC, BenQ manufacturers.

The application is multifunctional, among its features is burning quality check, disc information and its structure check. The program recognizes different character sets using standard Uncode. The application can erase discs, for this user is given a choice of fast or thorough erasing. In ImgBurn you can write to multiple discs simultaneously, as well as choose the writing speed. In addition, using the application you can search and download the firmware for the drive.

Features and functions of the program:

  • writes multiple disks simultaneously;
  • the application blocks the opening of the drive;
  • You can change the ISO- image label;
  • analysis of the writing quality, obtaining information about the disc;
  • supports different formats;
  • search and download of new firmware for the drive;
  • the application works with all types of CD and DVD drives from different manufacturers.

The program is free and available for all users, ImgBurn free download is available on our website without any restrictions.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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ImgBurn for Windows PC

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+1 Paul7655
Pretty small size for a such usefull software. Used it for burning Ps1 games to CD, everything was fine

2017-05-17 12:39

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+1 Lucky007
I can't say that this programm is something new but it's very helpful and comfortable to use. So I like it.

2016-03-24 20:08

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