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Adobe Shockwave Player is a multimedia platform that includes an integrated Shockwave Player and a tool that creates shockwave-content, - Adobe Director. Available for download, the new version of the platform is designed to enhance the multimedia capabilities of traditional web browsers.

Areas where the new version of Adobe Shockwave Player can be applied:

  • three-dimensional vector animation;
  • video clips playback;
  • interactive web applications;
  • video games.
  • The platform can be connected to popular browsers as a plug-in. There is support for nearly all modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape and other. Download Adobe Shockwave Player for free from our website.
  • Shockwave Player is an extremely common platform, which is installed on more than 450 million computers worldwide (data from Adobe at the end of 2008).

The Shockwave file format is DCR (it is curious that files that make up projects on Delphi, as well as Kodak image files, are of the same extension).

Highs and lows:

  • Despite the fact that Shockwave technology was originally developed for the Internet, it is not deprived of some limitations (you can download Adobe Shockwave Player for free by using the link on our website):
  • network version lacks support for some useful features of the mouse;
  • printing of the project is not available;
  • no active API functions;
  • It is possible to import MP3- files to Adobe Director, however, you won't be able to pack the project for working on-line (you can get around the limitation by converting them into ShockWave Audio).

In order to reap benefits of the popular platform, Adobe Shockwave Player download from our website is available right now.

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