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VSDC Free Video Editor is a free application for editing and mounting video clips. This program offers the possibility of non-linear editing - a combination of several videos between them or their individual fragments, overlaying sound and text accompaniment on them, applying transitions, using built-in or personally created filters and effects.

Using the application, you can convert audio and video into different formats. It is possible to use ready-made settings that are optimal for a large variety of devices - iPAD, iPhone, PlayStation, iRiver, etc. The final video can be copied to DVD discs directly from the program.

Key Features VSDC Free Video Editor

The interface is divided into several parts. On the left side is the program explorer, which displays video, images, audio and other used files. In the upper right part there is a window showing the editable video. This is a player that optionally crashes, stops and starts again. In the lower right zone there is a timeline (scene). There you can add different tracks and elements that fall into the finished video. On the left side of the timeline editor is a panel of all tools.

When you create a project, VSDC Free Video Editor immediately offers the opportunity to select settings for the final video. You must enter the name, aspect ratio, the number of frames per second and sound quality features.

With the help of the program, you can overlay video, add sound and images over the video, glue and edit already finished clips. Upon completion, the application will offer to save the created video in any format. You can also set the parameters of the video.

Advantages and disadvantages of VSDC Free Video Editor

Among the advantages of the program are:

  • the ability to place clips in any convenient place;
  • on the desktop, everything is displayed as personal objects;
  • accepts many different formats;
  • a large number of video and sound effects;
  • The source of the video is a file or an external device (camera). The ability to record a clip directly from the screen or download from YouTube;
  • the presence of a video editor that allows you to cut out video fragments, drag image and sound from it into another file;
  • the ability to convert the source file to different formats and for various devices.

The disadvantages of the application include:

  • during the installation process it is necessary to carefully control the download of excess program spam;
  • during operation, all the memory is not used, the 32-bit application;
  • control is not at an intuitive level. It takes time to study the program.

VSDC Free Video Editor is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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