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Adobe AIR is a functionality for cross-platform launch, thanks to which developers get the opportunity to use HTML / CSS, JavaScript and Ajax standards, ActionScript language and software Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash Professional. ActionScript deploys web applications that are implemented as stand-alone client modules that are not affected by the restrictions associated with using browsers. The flexibility and consistency of the developer’s work environment provided by the Adobe AIR as a component of the Adobe Flash Platform, which allows programming applications to work on various devices and platforms, helps to unlock the full creative potential of programmers and designers. You can download free Adobe AIR directly from our website.

Supported Platforms

Programs that were written using Adobe AIR are run on many platforms for which there is an executable environment from Adobe or its partners. All modern operating systems of the NT family from Microsoft are supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Android, Linux, Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC), QNX are also supported. Version 2.7.1 and later do not support Linux (the latest version of AIR that supports Linux is 2.6.0).

Installation packages

Adobe AIR has an integrated ability to create installation packages. The installation package can be easily installed on the user's PC.



  • Using AIR, any application previously written in HTML or Flex can be easily transferred to a user PC;
  • Applications have access to the file system, the clipboard, supports multiple windows and file drag and drop technologies;
  • Flash Builder 4.7 beta 2 supports ActionScript multithreaded programming support.

In order to download Adobe AIR to your computer for free, use the download link on our website. And now let's consider the shortcomings of the platform:

  • Access to web services and SQLite is limited;
  • Adobe AIR is protected by a proprietary license.

If you want to take advantage of the powerful and modern platform from Adobe, you can now download free Adobe AIR from our website.

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