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			Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer is a functional editor of the registry and configuration files. With it, you can edit the registry files, view the details of the reg-files.

The program provides the ability to clean the registry of debris, conduct in-depth analysis and find all registry keys that relate to a specific application. There is support for working with configuration files of various types.

Main features of Reg Organizer

  • Preview registry files before moving / copying them.
  • Full editing of the registry files, the ability to perform a variety of operations with registry keys: import, export, etc.
  • Ability to work directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Quick registry cleaning. The program is able to find the keys that are directly related to the program that interests you, and then delete them.
  • Manual registry cleaning is a function that allows you to view all the detailed information about the keys to be deleted.
  • The program removal mode, which will allow you to create a complete list of registry keys that belong to it. Convenient in that you can visually look at the state of the registry before and after the removal of a particular program.
  • Editing configuration INI files. In this mode, you can easily open any configuration file, view information and it, and edit: delete, edit, add, etc.
  • Import into the program of new types of configuration files. You can load any file into the utility, make it understandable to the program and continue working with it as with a file type already known.

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