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Utility to clean your computer from digital garbage
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			Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner is a utility utility for Windows that cleans up “digital trash” remaining after using digital distribution platforms for Steam, uPlay, Gog and Origin games. Uninstalls both the games directly and the directories they create with files of profiles, saves, settings and other "user" information.

It finds and cleans "technical" directories and files, including non-digital temp signature files. Identifies and corrects / removes "broken" registry entries associated with games and platforms for their digital distribution. Does not require pre-installation and configuration.

Functional Steam Cleaner

  • Scans the system and identifies the fact of pre-installation of the digital distribution platform of games Steam, uPlay, Gog and Origin;
  • Automatically "adapts" to the features of specific platforms of digital distribution of the game, previously installed in the system;
  • Analyzes the "root", "service", "user" and "temporary" directories of the game, distributed through these digital distribution platforms;
  • Uninstalls the specified games, clears their directories, deletes the “profiles”, “saves”, “logs” settings files and other “digital garbage” left by the specified games;
  • It checks the entire registry files, identifies entries related to games / platforms (including “broken” - not associated with games / platforms directly) and cleans / fixes them.

Special features

  • Complex system analysis algorithms that identify all the "garbage" left over from games distributed through Steam, uPlay, Gog and Origin;
  • Safe for the system, removing "broken" registry entries;
  • Ability to clear "temporary" files, hidden directories and "user" data associated with the games;
  • Lack of "harm" for the integrity of games that are unnecessary to delete;
  • The ability to “clean up” “digital” tracks even after a long time after uninstalling the digital game distribution platform.


  • There is a rare chance that the “digital” garbage will not be completely found;
  • When installing games along a “path” other than the default, their “root” directories and files may be “invisible” to the utility;
  • Requires pre-installation and configuration of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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