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Powerful program for operating system virtualization
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VirtualBox is a program designed to virtualize multiple operating systems, creating a full virtual machine on a PC. This utility is freeware, so you can download VirtualBox free.

VirtualBox allows you to create virtual OS on a PC. Guest operating system can be Windows, Solaris, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, BSD and others.

The main features of VirtualBox are:

  • supports secondary (guest) system (64-,32-bit host systems);
  • supports the installation and update (SMP) by the secondary system;
  • supports hardware accelerated 3D (experimental);
  • supports VMDK and VHD images of hard drives;
  • has the function of Virtualization audio (SoundBlaster 16, AC 97);
  • supports various types of network contacts and interactions (Internal, NAT, Host Networking via Bridged);
  • supports the complete chain of saved states of the virtual machine, with which you can perform a "rollback" of any state of the guest (secondary) OS;
  • Supports Shared Folders for easy and simple exchange of various files between the host and the secondary operating systems;
  • the ability to integrate desktops of guest and host OS (seamless mode);
  • multilingual and user-friendly interface.

VirtualBox as the program for operating system virtualization, will be useful for those users who are engaged in testing and trying out new programs and utilities. With the help of VirtualBox you can safely perform several different functions on different operating systems, packing your PC by multiple virtual machines, intelligently distributing the load between them.

This program is easy to install, has a friendly and simple interface, moreover, you can download VirtualBox from our site.

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VirtualBox for Windows PC

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0 Jhonattan
Hey! Love this program. It helps me install mac os x on my Windows 7 computer.
Thank you guys!

2014-07-05 11:00

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