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CheMax - symbiosis of the directory of "secrets" and cheat codes for computer games for Windows. Stores data on almost all popular games. It has its own online information base, with a detailed description of the secrets of each particular game.

Automatically uploads new cheat codes for games, with each update. Displays information about changes made to gameplay by trainers, when you press certain keys. Redirects the user to the download page of the trainer for the selected game directly from the interface.

CheMax functionality

  • Automatically synchronizes with an interactive database and loads new cheat codes for games;
  • Sorts the stored information about the games according to the filtering rules specified by the user;
  • Reads data from the search string and returns the response page with the games relevant to the relevant query;
  • Visualizes the cheat codes for the game, their description and the list of changes made by trainers (if any for a particular game) after pressing certain keys;
  • Opens the default download page for the trainer in the default browser when you click the download button.

Special features

  • A huge base of cheat-kids and secrets, for almost all existing games;
  • Convenient and "easy" for the system navigation interface;
  • A detailed description of all changes made to the game by cheat codes and trainers;
  • The ability to download the trainer "one click";
  • Regular, automatically downloaded, database updates.


  • Games left behind by CheMax "without attention" exist;
  • In the absence of the Internet, the program will try to load the database for several minutes before it becomes possible to interact with its interface.

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Tuesday, 01 September 2020
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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