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The company Ubisoft, specializing in the development of PC games, for several years has developed a unique platform that will be able to combine their gamers with a single program. After the release of the new version of Assassin's Creed, game developers are seriously thinking about creating a platform that will become a stimulator for installing and promoting users in games.

Tasks and characteristics of Uplay

Based on this, in 2012, after the release of the next version of the games, Ubisoft management provided a unique application at that time called Uplay. The initial launch of the program took place through the network of the same name, which connected players and allowed the exchange of resources, as well as the creation of clans to monitor competitions. In the narrow sense, Uplay is a program from the official site for managing installed games that allows you to download and update games that are listed in the site directory or are released by Ubisoft. The list of games that connect gamers includes:

  • Assassin's Creed;
  • Dead Space;
  • Titanfall;
  • Battlefield and other games released by the company.

It is worth noting that the developers did not use the program to advertise their company or make money on compatibility with individual platforms. Proof of this is support for platforms such as:

  1. Playstation
  2. Xbox
  3. Windows
  4. NintendoDS
  5. WiiU
  6. iOS
  7. Android

Uplay uses and features

This diversity is focused on the massive involvement of the audience, as well as accessibility in the use of the program.
The secondary goal of creating a program after players are combined is to involve users in the game process. For example: a gamer who plays Assassin's Creed performing various tasks and missions assigned in advance by the program receives bonuses or so-called points. Received bonuses are a gaming unit that allows you to acquire various resources within the game. By the way, if a player earned bonuses in one of the games, then the loyal distribution system does not limit the client in their application. Accumulated points are calculated on all available games placed in Uplay.

Features and privileges of installing Uplay

The question of the need to install Uplay is subject to consideration of the advantageous features that the client receives when using the program:

  • extended library of games collected in one program;
  • getting bonuses to improve the game profile in each of the games of the company;
  • monitoring updates and new releases from Ubisoft;
  • discounts in multiplayer game modes.

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