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Roblox (formerly known as DynaBlocks) is a global multiplayer game creation platform that supports Windows. The main audience is children and teenagers.

Roblox gameplay

The prototype, namely the designer Roblox Studio, was created in 2006 and has since gone through several reissues. Its peculiarity is that any user can download a program to create their own game scenarios. That is why the lion's share of "worlds" - individual games, where anyone can go, was created by the players themselves.

Roblox is often compared to Minecraft, but the similarity with square characters is limited to square characters. In distinguish from Minecraft, where you can create something only with the availability of resources, with proper diligence Roblox allows you to create everything that will be interesting for visitors from ready-made elements - for example, a zoo, an amusement park or a magical forest.

Another difference is that all the players, regardless of the platform (whether Windows or Android) are on the same servers. There are no problems with connecting: yes, there are many players, but there are also many separate “worlds”, therefore, it is often difficult to find a particular one.

Platform Features

  • Robux game currency. Used to purchase premium items and create VIP servers with paid entrance.
  • Trade between players. One user can transfer to any other thing except the bonus one.
  • Groups One of the ways to organize the teams necessary for joint visits to servers (which is much more interesting than playing alone);
  • Clothing. Despite the fact that there are few elements (shirts, trousers and logos), each member of the creators' Club can have a hand in the creation in order to sell them for a nominal fee;
  • In-game events. In order to advertise, administrators of new servers often give different trifles to all visitors.

Despite the presence of Robucks and VIP servers, you can play Robox for free without spending a single ruble on donate. On the other hand, every user over the age of 13 can monetize the gameplay by earning 100,000 Robux (about $ 200) and withdrawing cash through PayPal.

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