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			Nexus Mod Manager

Nexus Mod Manager - a symbiosis of the installer, launcher and modification manager for computer games for Windows. Able to find games installed on PC from the list of supported and automatically install selected modifications for these games from the Nexus web portal. It can create a special "independent" repository of modifications, and integrate their "virtual" copies into the games, thereby simplifying the removal of conflicting and "problem" mods.

Automatically sorts and categorizes loaded mods. It has a flexible customizable mode differentiation system for the specified users features (texture, sound, global, etc.). Automatically finds updates for modifications and marks the corresponding in the interface. It supports synchronization with specialized utilities for specific games (SKSE, FNIS, “Olenemeter WOT”, etc.).

Functional Nexus Mod Manager

  • Creates service directories and presets in the system according to user preferences specified during the installation process;
  • Scans the system and finds installed games from the list of supported, offers to launch an interface with presets for the selected game;
  • Analyzes the directory structure of the game loads the already existing mods in the "import interface";
  • It offers either to create a “virtual directory” for a secure installation, or to install mods “right into the game”;
  • Automatically categorizes the "tree of modifications" for a specific game according to the preset method selected by the user;
  • It loads the corresponding mod, when you click "download" on the Nexus website into the virtual directory / game folder, it initiates the mod in the game during the "import";
  • Automatically "transfers" the modification in the import process to the appropriate section of the "tree of modifications";
  • Determines the compatibility of the installed modification with the existing ones and marks "problem areas" in the interface;
  • Synchronized with specialized utilities for the selected game.

Utility features

  • Supports 22 modern cult games (TES and Fallout series, Witcher franchise, all "representatives of" Dragon Souls ", WOT, and others);
  • Ability to download, install, disable and delete mods in the "one click";
  • Secure installation of modifications in the "virtual storage", which simplifies the removal of "problem" mods;
  • Synchronization with the most "powerful" and popular utilities for modifying supported games;
  • Detailed statistics about each loaded mode;
  • “Highlighting” problematic modifications and the ability to change the boot order “dragging the cursor”;
  • Flexible customizable interface and several sets of presets for each of the games;
  • Automatic and "manual" mod sorting;
  • Constant expansion of the list of supported games and regular updates of the functional part.


  • The “safe installation” mode quickly “eats” disk space due to the creation of several copies of the same total mod;
  • It supports only the "latest" versions of specialized utilities for modification - sometimes this prevents the start of a vending mode.

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Nexus Mod Manager for Windows PC

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