Tunngle v5.8.9

Creation of local gaming networks
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Tunngle is a client for rich functionality P2P and VPN networks. It provides a list of contacts, sending messages between users, network manager and other functions.

Tunngle Functionality

The program is designed to create virtual local area networks. It is used, first of all, for the cooperative passage of video games, in which a multi-user mode is provided with a “lokalke” connection. Suitable for both new and old games, the official servers of which are no longer supported.

After installing the application, you must create an account, and after authorization, the user will be able to create his own network or join an existing one. The list of available networks is very extensive, and you can find there games of various genres. The main advantages of Tunngle are ease of use and convenient sorting of games and networks by categories.

Features of the program

  • many removable covers;
  • notification of the absence of control points of the system with the proposal to create;
  • black list for unwanted contacts;
  • using an encrypted tunnel using the STUN protocol;
  • sending packages of various types;
  • own IP-address for each user;
  • support for multiple languages.


The developers have introduced annoying banners to the program, which can be removed using a paid subscription for 60 rubles per month.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018
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Tunngle for Windows PC

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