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SUMo is a small but extremely useful utility for all users of Windows OS from XP to "Tens" interested in timely updating of already installed programs. SUMo quickly scans the system and reports whether the software on your computer needs to be updated.

How does the SUMo utility work?

After downloading a file with a utility that weighs less than 1 megabyte, SUMo will offer you to scan your computer for installed programs. In this case, a list of applications that require updating will appear in the utility window. Recommended updates SUMo marks with a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark in the center. Optional, but available updates are marked with a yellow star, and the most recent software is indicated by a green circle with a "tick" in the center.

Next to all the names of the programs on the computer, regardless of whether they require updating or not, the manufacturer (the company that produces the software), the software version on your computer and the available update are indicated.

At the bottom of SUMo there are functional buttons with which you can:

  • quickly re-scan the computer;
  • add newly installed programs to scan;
  • remove items indicating the required update.

If you delete certain items, SUMo will not inform you about the available updates of the programs deleted from scanning. To start updating the selected program, you need to configure the SUMo utility.

SUMo settings

In the “Settings” section of the utility you can change the default SUMo settings to user settings. At the same time, you can select options such as booting at the launch of SUMo and checking for updates of the utility itself when it starts. The utility can update Microsoft products, scan the registry, or ignore this action; you can disable the search for software in the utility immediately after it is updated.

When scanning a computer, you can start one of two modes of operation of the utility: fast or slow, more thorough scanning. When setting up SUMo, you yourself choose the interface language: in addition to Russian and English, the utility is designed in Hebrew, Turkish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and other European and Asian, as well as Arabic languages.

Software updates using the utility

At the beginning of the update of the selected program, SUMo automatically sends you to the site of the utility's developer, and after that to the site of the developer of the selected software update. On the developer's site, you are entitled to choose any of the proposed software versions Most often, the developer provides both free versions of programs with a minimum of functions, and full paid versions of software.

SUMo tool reviews

In the majority of reviews about SUMo, users express in their wishes to the developer of the utility to simplify the “scheme” of the program, making available direct software updates immediately upon launching the utility.

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