WinSetupFromUSB 1.9

Utility to create a bootable flash drive with Windows
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WinSetupFromUSB is a program designed to create a bootable flash drive with Windows distributions.

Initially, you need to specify the external media, which will be recorded in the future, and the location of the executable files of the OS. It should be borne in mind that before the recording procedure, it is necessary to carry out formatting of the flash card, during which all the information recorded on it will be deleted. This can be done using the main application tools or the base program.

Also in WinSetupFromUSB there is a window with additional settings. It is better to use it only for experienced users, since certain changes in this window can cause incorrect installation of the OS.

Benefits of WinSetupFromUSB

  • Simple interface with prompts.
  • Detailed log of actions performed in the process of creating a bootable flash media.
  • High process speed and minimum resource requirements.
  • You can burn several distributions simultaneously on one flash drive.
  • Availability of support programs for preparing flash cards for recording.
  • Ability to select a file system.

How to get started in WinSetupFromUSB

  1. To create a bootable image in the USB-drive, connect it to the PC.
  2. If it contains any data, it is necessary to transfer it, since the download implies full formatting.
  3. Click the "RMPrepUSB" button that opens the menu, and select XP Bootable.
  4. Click on “Prepare Drive” and open the desired image with rar, zip.
  5. Copy to a folder on your hard drive.
  6. Go to the top menu - by clicking on "Browse" and select the same folder with the image.
  7. At the end, click "Go", which will start copying to the flash drive.

The program is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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