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Utility that expands the Start menu in Windows
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			Classic Shell

Classic Shell is a program with the number of functions which are missing in the versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista. On our website there is a new version of the program, where you can download Classic Shell free.

This application adds the "Start" menu and creates the following features for the interface:

  • drag & drop function for setting thelocation of the applications;
  • opportunity to expand the control panel;
  • the option of displaying the "Favorites" folder;
  • the ability to view recently opened documents, where you can adjust the number of its displays;
  • You can delete, rename, sort the items while pressing the right mouse button on the corresponding element;
  • opportunity to maximize "All Programs" sub-menu in full screen.

The program doesn't disable the "Start" menu, but complements it.

Classic Shell changes the appearance of Windows explorer, while it possesses the following features:

  • adding a toolbar containing the most common tasks, "Copy", "Insert", "Delete", "Properties", and others. The ability to customize the panel;
  • changes file copying dialog, makes it look like Windows XP;
  • display of the properties of the selected item, the ability to handle keystroke combination Alt+Enter in Windows explorer.
  • In addition, the program adds the following features to Internet Explorer 9:
  • shows the safe zone in the status bar of the browser;
  • shows the process of loading the page in the browser status bar;
  • adds a header at the top of the window where the title of the page is fully displayed.

The program is absolutely free. You can download Classic Shell free following link on our website.

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