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Real Desktop Free is a free application which helps you not only turn your Windows desktop into three-dimensional environment, but also empowers with the option to place icons at your own discretion all over 3D desktop which allows to make it even more fun and convenient.

Due to Real Desktop Free feature of adding a variety of beautiful frames or three-dimensional effects to the desktop of your PC which can be also decorated by icons' shadows or their reflection.

Real Desktop Free will make your PC desktop more practical and roomy for a large number of icons which quite often don't fit, especially if you are working with a large number of applications.
Real Desktop Free supports multi-language interface.

Download Real Desktop Free from our website.
It's also worth noting that the program has the support the so-called "physics", in other words all the icons may have inertia, and may not only collide, but also to scatter.
You can also throw around, move, lift, or just rotate them. The program further allows both increase and decrease the size of icons.

You can download Real Desktop Free from our website right now.

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