Quick launch dock for windows in mac os x style
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ObjectDock is an application that allows you to create Quick Launch toolbar, having the style of the Mac OS.
With the help of ObjectDock panel, now user has the ability to completely replace the existing Windows OS Taskbar on the panel in the style of Mac OS.

This panel allows you to place desktop shortcuts on any folders or applications, icons of already running applications can also be placed on this panel, as well as other icons such as My Computer, clock or recycler.
Once the user hovers the mouse to any of the items on this panel, it gradually starts increasing in size, also displaying the tooltip.
The user can easily adjust the ObjectDock panel fully to fit his needs, which is a huge advantage when using this free app.

The user also has such option as creating several panels which can be placed in different locations along the sides of your PC desktop, and of course, further customize the transparency of ObjectDock panel, auto-hide panel or activation during the movement of the mouse on "hot spots" and etc.
ObjectDock can be downloaded free from our site.
User further has the ability to change icon for each application on the ObjectDock panel, as well as fonts, tooltips, colors and sizes.

You can download ObjectDock free from our website right now.

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Monday, 25 June 2018
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ObjectDock for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
Very convinient item on my PC. With it I can easy create my bar for all programms, that I use usually.

2016-04-23 18:06

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0 Adolf
It is complitely beatiful thing for different icons on my desktop. However, use this PO isn't difficult. Now I can fast make my personal kind of desktop.

2016-04-19 19:42

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