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TheAeroClock is an app that places a clock directly on your desktop. From the settings, the user can easily change the size of the dial, as well as the color to your liking.

TheAeroClock is a portable app, so installing it is not necessary, which is also the added benefit of the software.

The entire application file takes only 1.5 MB, which is very little for a program with such capabilities.

When the application is downloaded and unzipped, after starting the app for the first time you will already see a clock that will automatically appear on the desktop of your PC, and when you close the app, it hides in the tray.
Of all its settings TheAeroClock has only two sliders which allow the user to adjust the diameter of the clock, as well as its transparency level, and drop-down list, which allows you to select the texture of the clock.

This application incorporates about 30 textures, and the ability to choose any color which will help you make your clock on your desktop glass, gold or silver, as well as choose the right color for you.
You can also LNG button in settings, it allows you to select the desired language for the interface.

TheAeroClock has flexible settings, allowing to create almost any clock to your taste, you can also optionally hide the second hand, if it distracts you.

You can download TheAeroClock free from our website right now.

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