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Visual theme of the desktop plays one of the most important roles when working at the computer. Would you feel comfortable looking at the boring or standard theme? It's not difficult to find a unique theme corresponding to any taste online, but it is not always possible to install it.
This is due to the fact that for safety Microsoft signs themes with digital signature, and all the others it considers to be damaged, that's why errorsoccur when installing. UxTheme Multi-Patcher modifies uxtheme.dll system file, thus switching on the support for different themes. To enjoy the beautiful themes and refresh the desktop, just download UxTheme Multi-Patcher.

With most of the websites you'll have problems while installing themes suggested in their catalogs and they recommend installing StyleXP. But this program is commercial and consumes memory. UxTheme Multi-Patcher has several advantages over StyleXP and the basic one - it's free.
It is worth noting that UxTheme Multi-Patcher can both edit the uxtheme.dll file, and cancel editing which is not available in other similar programs.

Among other advantages: the ability to quickly, easily and safely install themes simultaneously without running the program.
Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 x86 - x64.
If you are installing the latest version, you must remove the check mark. If you don't, change the start page of the browser.
New wallpapers is not just a decoration, they affect the mood and performance of the user. With UxTheme Multi-Patcher you make your life brighter, lighter and happier.

You can download UxTheme Multi-Patcher free from our site.

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UxTheme Multi-Patcher for Windows PC

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