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			Virtual Disk Manager

Virtual Disk Manager program is designed to help users to create, configure and manage virtual disks on a PC. All necessary discs will be created in "My Computer". Virtual Disk Manager utility is free for download and is available on our website.

Virtual Disk Manager has a convenient and very simple and intuitive interface. It is suitable for these operating systems: Windows ME (NT, 2000, 2003 Serwer, Vista, XP, 7 and 8 versions).

Features Virtual Disk Manager:

  • You can create any number of required virtual disks (it is worth mentioning that virtual disks created this way, are not completely independent, but are necessary to create a partition in the selected folder, when you open the virtual disk, you immediately reach the correct folder);
  • the ability to manage and configure the disks (you can delete, insert, rename, cut, move files and folders same way as with usual drives and folders installed on the computer); you can remove unnecessary disks (which occurs by means of the interface);
  • there is a convenient feature that helps to temporarily stop the operation of any created disk.

Virtual Disk Manager is a very simple and easy to use program which even a novice user can see into a matter. It will be useful for those people who hold a large extent of the information on a PC, to organize quick access to one or more folders.

You can download Virtual Disk Manager free and without any problems from our site and install it on your PC.

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Virtual Disk Manager for Windows PC

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0 Mary
I have just downloaded Virtual Disk Manager. This program is free, easy and I can simple use it. I like Virtual Disk Manager very much. Thanks.

2016-10-26 10:31

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