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Clash of Clans is a symbiosis of a three-dimensional multiplayer action-RPG and construction simulator for Android devices. Immerse yourself in epic fantasy battles between different clans. Build unapproachable bastions and storm the fortresses of enemies, engage in farming and animal husbandry, explore the world and production technologies, master the magic and do everything for your kingdom to flourish!

Challenge baleen barbarians, fire mages, the king of goblins and hundreds of other threats in dynamic PVE-battles. Cooperate with friends and plunge other clans in epic PVP battles with real people. Develop and introduce tactical combinations, participate in tournaments and trials, open and pump up unique warriors, find the mysterious island village of the first builder and strengthen your kingdom with the help of ancient antiquity magic building technologies.

Clash of Clans Gameplay

  • Examine your property, clear a place under the town hall and raise it so that your people can have a place where they live and put resources;
  • Use the surrounding gifts of nature and clear the place under the settlement;
  • Strengthen the town hall to be able to repel the raids of enemies;
  • Erect residential and industrial buildings, build barracks and isolate yourself from external threats with impregnable walls;
  • Cooperate with other players, create clans, establish trade relations, help clan members in fights and participate in team tournaments;
  • Explore the nearby lands, plunge monsters, gangsters and evil magicians in a single player or pve-mode;
  • Fight other clans in pvp battles;
  • Find ancient artifacts and conduct magical research;
  • Find the mysterious island of the first builder to make your kingdom even more powerful.

Special features

  • The presence of both single player and multiplayer game mode;
  • Dozens of different types of units;
  • Hundreds of types of buildings;
  • Thousands of plot tasks, regular events and randomly generated events;
  • The possibility of uniting into clans;
  • Extensive pumping system and research;
  • Fully animated three-dimensional graphics;
  • Regular updates with new missions, items, buildings, events and enemies;
  • Dynamic music.


  • Part of in-game content is paid;
  • According to the User Agreement, the minimum age for players is 13 years.

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Wednesday, 22 December 2021
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