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			Clash Of Lords 2

Clash Of Lords 2 is a classic RTS-strategy with RPG-setting elements for Android devices. Feel yourself the Lord of your own empire - build and strengthen castles, train and lead armies into battle, explore mysterious magical burials, fight against the legions of the Dark Forces and do everything for your kingdom to flourish!

Develop your heroes or pay mercenaries for services, cooperate with other kings and create alliances, lead united armies against bosses in PVE battles, and against other kings in PVP battles, help each other with the defense of locks, influence the value of resources on in-game trading Exchange, overcome all obstacles in your path and become the greatest Lord in the history of mankind!

Clash Of Lords 2 Gameplay

  • Examine the characteristics of the heroes available at the initial stage of the game, and select one of them, but remember, each character is unique;
  • Inspect your property, clear the thickets, debris, tame the bandits and drive away wild animals, so that your subjects can return to work;
  • Collect resources, build houses, industrial buildings and military installations, enclose the borders of your kingdom with a stone fence and towers to protect its inhabitants from external dangers;
  • Get experience points for each victory in a battle or a constructed building, spend them on discovering your hero's abilities, unlocking new buildings and exploring early-unexplored areas of the world;
  • Find new heroes in the world, complete their tasks, and they will join you;
  • Train troops or pay mercenaries to win mass battles;
  • Cooperate with other kings, create alliances and, side by side with them, plunge bosses and other kings;
  • Trade in the in-game market, roll in or inflate the prices of resources to gain developmental advantage over other alliances;
  • Collect the most powerful army under your command, accumulate huge reserves of gold in the treasury and upgrade the level of your kingdom’s technologies to the maximum to become the greatest Lord in the history of the planet!

Toy features

  • Real-time control;
  • Over 50 unique characters;
  • Dozens of types of industrial buildings and resources;
  • Hundreds of magic items, as well as weapons and equipment;
  • Thousands of assignments every day;
  • Huge in-game world;
  • The presence of alliances;
  • Extensive pumping system.


  • Integrated ad inserts;
  • Part of the in-game content is paid.

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