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			Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings - an exciting military strategy for Android, which takes us to the events of the Middle Ages. During the game you have to create your alliances, develop the castle defense and fight with the enemy army. Show your skills and show that you deserve a place on the throne of the empire, which includes seven kingdoms. This and much more awaits you in the new game Clash of Kings.

Advantages of the game Clash of Kings

  • Great graphics;
  • A good balance between military and economic strategy;
  • The player is provided with a huge number of tools with which you can cooperate with other players;
  • The ability to create and develop their own cities with a focus on economic as well as social aspects;
  • Large selection of means for defense in case of an enemy attack and for successful passing through its ranks.

Features of Clash of Kings

The player needs to collect resources in order to create a powerful empire that can repel any enemies. Gradually increase the area of the state and improve the lord's combat abilities. Enter into existing alliances or create your own, because together to resist the enemy is much easier and more fun.

This is an international game, therefore you will play with players from different countries and compete with them, showing your superiority. The game should appeal to all those who love PVP, but not without drawbacks. These include Donat, which is much easier to achieve success.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2022
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Clash of Kings for Android

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