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VKontakte is the official client of the eponymous social network. Over one hundred million users of the application rated it 4.5-4.8 points out of a possible 5. By installing the application on your Android device, you can access a popular social network without launching a browser.

Install VKontakte

By installing the VKontakte for Android application on your device, give permission to access your information, passwords and logins, then you will again enter this data. The device will remember the data after their first introduction.

Beginning of work

The compactness and versatility of the application makes it easier to search for friends, groups, content, listening to music and watching videos directly from your page on the social network. If you have been a VKontakte user for a long time, and you have installed the utility for the first time, the utility will reflect your page completely. Just keep working and chatting the same way you did before, from a computer.

Application settings

By entering the program settings (the “nuts” icon below), you can change them, prohibiting users, for example, to leave comments under your photos, wall posts, invitations to games and applications, groups, events, etc. In addition, you can manage the Black List by blocking unwanted contacts.


Privacy settings allow you to hide your friends list, comments, audio recordings, records on the page and other information. You can select those you trust to view this information, or select the “I only” label. The latter option automatically blocks access to all of your information. To allow friends to view posts and posts, change the tag to “My friends” or “Just some friends.” In this case, it will be necessary to list the names of those to whom all the information on your page or its part is open.


VKontakte for Android, open on a smartphone and tablet, looks different. On the tablet, News, Answers, Messages, Friends, Groups, photos, etc. are located in the left, very narrow, vertical row. On the phone, it takes up most of the page. When you open News, Groups or Messages on the tablet, access to all other options and program settings is visible (a horizontal row of icons on the left). The phone opens one page. Access to the rest of the application functions opens with a swipe.

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