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Free FtpConv software was developed by i.Sp. It is specially designed to create quick access to any data (eg, Google Docs), contained in the online storage protocol via FTP. Free download of the FtpConv program is easy, as today you can easily find a large number of sites where this program is provided for download in the vast online network.



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The program allows you to quickly and conveniently operate with Google documents (download/upload) using any FTP client, whether FileZilla, standard Windows or multifunctional Total Commander. That is, the developers created a comfortable enough working tool, which is compatible with all known FTP-clients. Moreover, it is quite easy extensible.

The official website of the developer says that very soon FtpConv will support work with SkyDrive.

Characteristic features of the program.

  • It is free, so to find and download it will not be difficult.
  • FtpConv is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems and other operating systems from Microsoft.


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  • Ease of use.
  • Thoughtful and intuitive interface.
  • The ability to operate effectively with data FTP-client.
  • Support for work with many FTP-clients.

If desired, everybody can download the FtpConv program for free from our website.

Installation file data
Category FTP clients
Title FtpConv
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 0 B
Downloads 328
Price Free
Updated 2014-06-08

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+1 Andrew
The main plus for this PO is easy access for all programms what you need to use. The algorith of this FTP client can understand even child.

2016-06-30 11:29

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