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FAR Manager is a file manager that allows you to manage files and folders in Windows. The application is absolutely free and without restrictions on use. You can download free FAR Manager here. On our site you can get the latest version.

FAR Manager works in text mode, has a simple intuitive interface which makes it easy to work with the program. It is possible to browse files and folders, edit, move, copy and delete them, perform many other functions. The application interface is easy to configure, has support for many languages. Navigation is very simple, bright color backlight makes it easy to use. By setting the external DLL Plugin modules you can extend the functionality of the application. There are about 100 of these modules, called plug-ins. Modules built into the standard program include support for archives, a web browser, the temporary panel, FTP-client. Programmers have the opportunity to write their own plug-ins for the application. To help self-writing there's a special online directory called "Programming Far Manager plugins", which would be great manual even for novice programmers. FAR Manager has versions for 64 bit and 32 bit OSs.

FAR Manager is a worldwide popular program, it has many communities. Besides, FAR Manager is a free application. FAR Manager can be downloaded free from our site.

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Wednesday, 09 February 2022
3.0 build 5959
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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