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WinSCP is a graphical SFTP client with free open source to work with SFTP and SCP protocols based on the Windows OS, which provides secure file transfer between computers and servers which support these protocols. We suggest you download the latest version of WinSCP free from our website.

Working with Files.
You can perform all standard file operations with WinSPC. For example, downloading files, renaming files and folders, creating shortcuts, changing the properties of files and folders, creating symbolic links and icons, managing files on the local PC.

The interface.
The user is given a choice between two interfaces that can be customized for yourself using a variety of parameters. The interface is selected during the installation process, but you can always change your choice. Those who have never worked with this software, will probably choose an interface similar to the Windows Explorer, as it is more familiar to the users of Windows. But if you work,in Norton Commander, for instance, or some other modern file manager, then select the appropriate interface. The disctinctive feature of the latter is more convenient operation with the keyboard, even without using the mouse. Furthermore, tasks can be carried out faster and more vividly.

WinSPC features:

  • The user is given the choice of two different interfaces.
  • There are all standard operations, such as renaming or deleting files and folders.
  • Thanks to scripts and command line interface, automation is achieved.
  • Integration with Windows and Pageant.
  • Using keys and versions of the SSH protocol.
  • Built-in text editor available.
  • Different types of authentication: password, public key authentication, Kerberos.
  • Saving connection settings.
  • You can work with the configuration file instead of storing the settings in the registry.

You can download WinSCP using a direct link below, directly from our server.

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