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Midnight Commander is a great file manager with intuitive text-based interface, part of the GNU project. It supports file remote Samba systems and FTP, it's very easy to work with various images and archives. It can work equally well as in a variety of system emulators, so in the console. There's a built-in text editor with syntax highlighting feature, and convenience when using is enhanced with the help of program hot keys which can be customized to your liking. Download free Midnight Commander, without any restrictions right now.

Midnight Commander features and functions:

  • The ability to move, insert and copy both files and directories in the background;
  • A user-friendly operation with a variety of objects and archival images of the different file systems;
  • Editing of network file systems, namely Samba, FTP and SFTP;
  • Built-in handy text editor with improved syntax highlighting;
  • Text editing mode, based on libraries - the analogues of Turbo Pascal, Ncurses and S-Lang libraries (this mode allows the program to operate stably in various emulators, and in the console, as well as through SSH tunnel).
  • Menu, fully customizable by the user (opened with F2 hotkey, each item carries a special set of shell - commands, commands are written to the file ~/.mc/mc.menu (or ~/.mc/menu)).
  • List of working directory for instant access to them (Called via Ctrl+, adjustment is made directly to the Quick Access Toolbar, or by editing the file ~/.mc/hotlist).
  • Support for Unicode.

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