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Remote access client with support for Telnet, SSH, rlogin, etc.
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Using the free PuTTY remote access client, you get an opportunity to connect different remote access protocols, to which rlogin, SSH, and Telnet can be referred. This also allows the client to work through the communications port.

Using PuTTY client, you can connect and get control of the server, or other remote host. With PuTTY client, the connection is made only on the client side, the work itself is done on the other side of the remote host.
Initially the client was created for the Microsoft Windows operating systems, but, nevertheless, it was also later ported to Unix OS. The ports for Mac OS are currently being developed. Also, third-party developers released unofficial ports for such mobile platforms as Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and others. This client is in production with the MIT license.

Here is a brief list of features:

  • settings and a list of already made connections for secondary use are saved;
  • the ability to work not only with the keys, but also with versions of the SSH protocol;
  • SCP and SFTP clients available;
  • it is possible to redirect ports using X11 transmission through SSH;
  • it is possible to fully emulate such terminals as xterm, VT- 102, ECMA- 48;
  • PuTTY client supports IPv6, Arcfour, DES, AES, 3DES, Blowfish;
  • supports authentication both without a password and with public key;
  • supports operation, starting with v 0.59, through the serial port;
  • the client is also able to work with proxy servers.

PuTTY is a freeware client. In other words, you can download PuTTY free from our website right now.

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PuTTY for Windows PC

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0 Serj
PUTTY 0.6.3 is free cross-platform Telnet/SSH/Raw/Rlogin client. It is very easy in use, has a lot of settings and additions, besides there are applications which adds the functional and convinience. Stable, easy and fast application.

2015-02-15 17:17

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0 Aaron
Interestingly, it works with all types of Linux? I'm interested in operating systems, such as Open Suse 11.4?

2015-01-18 10:53

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-1 Sting
No bro, it works only with windows.
In open susу you should use native terminal. ;)

2015-01-19 23:04

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+1 nickolaj
I experimented with this program, when I have the operating system Windows XP, but now I use the operating system Windows 8.1 and I'm interested to know if there is anyone who uses this program with the same operating system.

2014-09-20 16:34

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