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Audacity program is a free audio editor, running on different operating systems, with several files at once. Audacity can be downloaded for free, it has an open source code. The application has many features, so it is difficult to outline only one kind of implementation.

With Audacity you can:

  • Record audio track from a microphone or line input;
  • If you have a multi-channel sound card you can record about 17 channels at once;
  • You can change the playback tempo, tone and adjust noise;
  • Work with files fragments: cropping and pasting parts of one track or the entire recording to another, combining two audio files and much more. Thus, audio projects are created;
  • Constantly visible spectrum graphs and indicators for ease of recording. You can even make spectral analysis with transformations;
  • Own library libsndfile, with the help of which all the finished files are stored in different formats;
  • The program identifies all the tags in MP3 - tracks;
  • There is a large set of effects and extensions that are needed for audio processing;
  • You can import and export files in such formats as WAV, FLAC and MP3, a special encoder is used.

Audacity is very good for the beginner in sound engineering: its interface, created on the basis of wxWidgets library.

Hotkeys system facilitates work with the application. Audacity audio editor is also known for its free distribution.
You can download Audacity for free on our site.

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