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Reaper belongs to the class of DAW, that is, digital working audio stations, and is a software environment for recording, developing, and engineering auditor tracks. This is much more than a regular audio editor; it is a full-fledged sequencer like Pro Tools, Sonar or Cubase.

The program works steadily on Windows operating systems starting from version 98 and ending with the “eight”. There is a version adapted for OS X. Wine will be required to run on Linux.

Reaper features

The audio station interface has elements typical for such software: piano roll, mixer, region of arrangement, track panel, transport panel. The program boasts the following features:

  • 64-bit audio processing;
  • hybrid type of tracks and their unlimited number;
  • MIDI device support;
  • extensive routing functions that allow you to send a signal in any direction;
  • the ability to work with several projects simultaneously;
  • base of more than 200 effects for sound processing;
  • the use of their unlimited number on one track;
  • work in one project with tracks of different bit rates and sampling rates;
  • multi-channel audio recording;
  • change of pace and size within one project;
  • synchronization of work with popular audio editors;
  • system of duplicates, allowing you to get the right sound for several attempts;
  • support for basic sound plugins;
  • work with ReWire protocol;
  • the ability to edit audio tracks of video files.

The design of the program can be changed by applying the theme downloaded from the official site. In total there are more than 800.

What about MP3?

There are several laws in the United States that impose restrictions on the use of the MP3 format. Reaper is able to export ready-made audio tracks in this popular format, but the user will have to download and install an additional library.

The lack of virtual instruments and ready-made samples in the program is the reason for its small size. So, the installation file "weighs" only a little more than 8 MB. When unpacked, the Reaper occupies about 60 MB of space on the workstation's hard disk.

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