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Audio tracker to create electronic music
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Madtracker (MadTracker) - is a free program for creating music, videos and audio files on a personal computer. Its important advantage is the absence of “glitches” even when working on very low-power PCs. In addition, the level of convenience increases the ability to interact with various instruments, such as guitar, piano, drums, as well as the ease of writing notes using the keyboard.

Madtracker features list:

  • gradual, “from scratch” writing of author's electronic music;
  • more than 100 musical samples with the possibility of editing and supplementing them;
  • Connecting VST-plug-ins to increase the range of instruments and sound effects;
  • advice on emerging issues in the built-in chat.

Getting Started with Madtracker

According to the developers, with the help of the program, even the most ambitious creative ideas can be easily transformed into final musical compositions. To do this, after creating the document, you can start printing notes (before that, you must press the spacebar to start recording). If the need arises, the composer can adjust the tempo and playback speed.

Advantages of Madtracker:

  • compared to similar software, it practically does not load PCs with calculations;
  • does not require the installation of additional software or hardware drivers;
  • you can add any VST plugins;
  • the presence of powerful algorithms to remove sound defects from the created compositions;
  • the ability to export data in MIDI format;
  • viewing the news of the world of trackers directly from the program;
  • IRC chat;
  • bonuses to registered users (the cost of registration is 20 or 40 euros);
  • the ability to save settings on the HDD;
  • own envelope for any effect and volume;
  • Choose between keyboard shortcuts ProTracker or Fast Tracker.


  • no Russian interface;
  • for some plugins will need to pay.

The software is free and quite easy to master, even if there is no translation into Russian. However, the functionality is poor, in connection with which Madtracker is more recommended for beginners than for professional audio engineers, composers and producers.

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