SoundVolumeView v1.81

Utility that displays information about the sound components of the computer
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SoundVolumeView is a fairly simple tool that displays information about the active components of the sound on your PC, so you can get full information about the level of sound, and also provides the ability to quickly and easily disable audio components of your PC.

This application also allows the user to save the profile settings in a separate file, which will include the current volume settings, as well as devices which are off and on. You can download such configuration file at any time, and then, settings stored in the configuration file will be used.

In addition, in this application, there is a very broad support for the command line, which allows both to save and load profile, and to make changes to each audio component without interfering with the user interface.
It is worth mentioning that the saved sound profiles are created only for one particular PC, that's why they cannot be used on any other PC.
The app doesn't require installation or additional DLL libraries.

To start using the program, you only need to run the executable SoundVolumeView.exe
The application runs under Microsoft Windows OS, starting with Windows Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
You can download SoundVolumeView free from our website.
This program has a multilingual interface support, languages can be downloaded from the developer's website.
Once you launch this utility, it will display all audio components that have been found in your operating system.

This program is a great and at the same time simple tool for your system, allowing you to display all the available information on the current volume level for all existing active audio components in your operating system, and provides the ability to instantly enable or disable them.

You can download SoundVolumeView free from our website right now.

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SoundVolumeView for Windows PC

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