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			Free Wave MP3 Editor

Free Wave MP3 Editor is a free program whose main function is to work with audio: editing and saving audio files of various formats. The developer of the program made it as user friendly as possible. The list of features of the Free Audio Editor is quite extensive and includes items such as:

    Record sound from a microphone Record audio from files of such well-known formats as MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA Filter, which reduces noise A set of effects used in editing music Preview file after each setting or change Clear and easy interface without unnecessary buttons and functions Burn received audio tracks to CD Multiformat mode, including WMA that supports multiple codecs Convenient system of bookmarks and selection of specific places in the audio track Listening to the selected part of the recording and editing

The pleasant features of the program include its free distribution. You can download Free Wave MP3 Editor for free from our website and try editing audio. Using the application, you can remove chunks from the audio track, trim and glue several files together, reduce the volume level, noise, include the fading effect at the end of the recording, and convert the finished file from mono to stereo. The program interface Free Wave MP3 Editor is fully English. The editor runs on all Windows operating systems. Install the free music editor and get unlimited possibilities to change your favorite music right now!

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