GifCam 6.5

Creating gif animations from the PC screen
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GifCam is an easy-to-use and easy-to-use program for creating animated screenshots in gif format.

GifCam Features

GifCam is a kind of virtual camera capable of recording everything that is located within a window - a game, a website, a movie, a desktop computer, and a webcam broadcast. The program window can be scaled and moved directly while recording. You can select the entire screen or a specific area. It is possible to capture the cursor and the implementation of both time-lapse and permanent recording.

Using the built-in editor, you can change one or several frames, performing on them such operations as:

  • add and delete;
  • duplication;
  • edit duration;
  • add and remove delays;
  • adding text information (various effects can be applied to the text).

GifCam features

  • work without installation (can be run from removable media);
  • multiple frame rate options to choose from;
  • pause recording and editing;
  • the ability to select the color format of the saved file (there are five built-in presets);
  • undemanding of resources (in recording mode, the program uses no more than 10 MB of RAM);
  • time frames are stored in the program’s memory or on the hard disk;
  • You can set the maximum amount of memory used;
  • the ability to run multiple copies of the program at the same time;
  • simple interface with a small number of controls.

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GifCam for Windows PC

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