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A program that records from the monitor screen
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UvScreenCamera is an application that allows you to make video from your monitor screen.
This application makes it possible not only to record all actions performed on the computer, but also allows you to track all the changes that have been made about the image.

Due to these capabilities, the program is great for creating all sorts of presentations or videos for learning, because with this program you can now easily show the user any action that he should repeat on the computer.

For providing maximum flexibility, created video can be saved in a variety of formats, from standard video format - AVI, Flash videos - SWF to EXE, which can be played on any computer running Windows.

Also, the video can be saved in UVF format, which can be played by freely distributed player from uvScreenCamera.
The program uvScreenCamera has all the necessary tools that allow you to conveniently create various demos and tutorials.
Should be taken into account the fact that with this program in any recorded video you can easily insert not only inscriptions, but all sorts aids.
It is also possible to insert any sound in the video, for example, an explanation from a microphone.

Thanks to the vast possibilities of the application, you can easily not only cut the video into fragments, but also to assemble it the way you need.

Among other things, this application can be used not only for recording and editing video, but also for creating screenshots from the monitor screen.

Image can be saved to a file as a whole or in parts – only necessary fragments.
You can download uvScreenCamera for free from our website.
UvScreenCamera program has not only tremendous opportunities, but is very easy to use, which makes it even more attractive, especially for inexperienced users.

You can download uvScreenCamera for free from our website right now.

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