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We offer the latest improved version of the free LibreOffice program for your attention.
LibreOffice is a free and independent office suite that has an easily modifiable source code. Its developers - The Document Foundation began its development as a branch of

Now LibreOffice is a powerful office suite which is used not only by individuals, but also by entire state organizations of European developed countries because in terms of functionality it is not inferior to Microsoft Word. Additional advantage is that user doesn't get the damaged version but a quality product directly from the developer.

It is the outspokenness of software package developers and the fact that anybody willing to take part in the process of development may participate, which contributed its further promotion, and it means that a huge number of people availed of the opportunity for downloading LibreOffice free.

In addition, this office suite is fully compatible with 32/64-bit and can run on any PC because of the support of all operating systems.

The package includes :

Writer is a text editor and a visual HTML editor. It has standard features of typesetting and text formatting.

Calc is a standard spreadsheet program which has the same function as the analogue of "". It is convenient to make changes to the data in it and visualize them.

Base is a standard mechanism for fast connection to external DBMS. In addition, it is a built-in HSQLDB DBMS. The program is the analog of Microsoft Access.

Impress is a program for working with presentations. It has an intuitive and nice interface.

LibreOffice can be downloaded free from our website.

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LibreOffice for Windows PC

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I've used it for several years, and am completely satisfied with it's components and I don't have to pay for Microsoft Office.

2014-10-17 10:33

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