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Free office suite, alternative to Microsoft Word
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OpenOffice is a set of free programs for processing spreadsheets, texts, graphics, presentations, and databases, and many other office files. We offer our users the latest improved version of the program that works on any PC and allows you to store all personal data in an open international format ODF and other widespread office software packages.

Open Office free download is easy, and if you previously used a different office package, you will not have any difficulties with starting to use actively this set of programs as it is available in English.

Open Office software package includes:
Calc is a spreadsheet module that allows you to analyze, process and visualize tabular data, and manipulate it in order to get the desired result. The program includes advanced tools for analysis, decision-making and forming diagrams based on it. There are more than 30 functions for mathematical, financial and statistical operations.

Draw is a drawing tool that uses vector graphics editor. Simple diagrams and three-dimensional artwork, both of the same quality can be done with the help of this tool. The program also allows you to import images and graphics of the most popular formats and can save the finished project in more than 20 of them, including PDF, Flash, PNG and HTML.

Impress is a tool for presentations, which is included in this office package. It is very easy in use, having an intuitive interface and a basic set of tools (animation, effects, drawing tools) and allowing you to create presentations. Additionally, presentation can be expanded by Fontwork text effects, and the final file format is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Base provides standard means of daily work with databases. The program can edit reports, forms, queries, tables, ratios and representations so that managing them becomes more simple and familiar. Among new features the program offers the opportunity to analyze and edit ratios from a scheme of its representation. The program is compatible with dBASE, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle or any other JDBC and ODBC databases.
Math is equations and formulas editor. It can be used for making complex equations that include symbols and signs are not available in standard font sets.

Benefits of the free "Open Office" download:

  • Freeware distribution;
  • Cross software;
  • Opportunity to make your own changes to the software;
  • Modern and intuitive user interface;
  • Multilingual user interface;
  • Modularity;
  • Integration;
  • Open file structure.

You can download OpenOffice ablosutely free using link below on the page. 

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OpenOffice for Windows PC

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0 Ross
I used to work with MS Ofiice, but in few months OpenOffice became native and convenient. And the main advantage - it's free!

2015-04-30 10:01

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0 Aaron
The program “OPENOFFICE 4.1.1” has one drawback: you should always carefully choose the extension of the stored files - otherwise they will not be read by the program “Word”.

2015-01-10 15:22

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0 Bess
I prefer to use OpenOffice for making presentation. It's very easy and you can get very nice and high quality presentation in few minutes only.

2014-11-03 10:35

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0 Nyarko
The most what I like in it that it’s free. And it’s quiet easy for downloading and setting. So if I’m not at home, but outside and I need to type any text, it’s not difficult for me to get the necessary program. The buttons are clear for understanding, what about the options , they are enough for me to work with a text including pictures as well as. So, after Word this is the best program for working with text for me.

2014-09-24 16:53

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0 nickolaj
The program "OpenOffice" is very convenient in the case you have often to edit the HTML pages, and the operating system of your server is Linux.

2014-09-08 10:04

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