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If you've decided to become a programmer, this program is for you. Emacs is a text editor with unlimited possibilities, as it's written in Lisp, a programming language that allows you, as a add functionality to the program, and create new ones.
To start writing programs in any programming language, it is sufficient to simply download Emacs from our site.

The main advantages of Emacs:

  • the ability to customize the program for convenient personal use
  • a huge number of built-in functions
  • easy to write plugins
  • scripts are available in source code
  • the ability to fully concentrate on the text by setting shortcut keys in the alphanumeric keyboard
  • fast programs download
  • easy to combine commands
  • flexible control of windows and work with text, fast and accurate control of the projects
  • the ability to format, review and compile the code without leaving the program
  • special modes for editing many programming languages, markup and layout, such as Bash, C, C++, Python, Java, Lisp, LaTeX, MediaWiki
  • available for most operating systems

In close cooperation of developers two basic versions of Emacs, GNU Emacs and XEmacs, were created. For the average user the difference between them is not important.

There are many tutorials on the internet to control Emacs and a built-in one in the programthat appears when you start the program with Ctrl+H key combination. But the best way to learn about the program will be your decision to start writing code.
And remember that six out of nine outstanding programmers consider Emacs their favorite instrument.

You can download Emacs free from our website using the link below.

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