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			Bitobit TransLit

Bitobit TransLit program is acknowledged to be perfect when working with different text, which was written in transliteration. Currently transliteration can be found quite often, messages and notification programs and some software, files, folders, text notifications and directories.

The utility is available for free and therefore it is possible to download Bitobit TransLit and install it easily on your computer. Bitobit TransLit program is designed for Windows 7 , XP, Vista, has a simple interface.

Bitobit TransLit key features

  • transliteration translation into Russian or vice versa, from Russian to transliteration;
  • a convenient combination of "hot keys" when pressed, the text that is in the clipboard is automatically translated into Russian (or back to transliteration;
  • it is possible not only to translate the selected text, but also the entire files and folders;

Moreover Bitobit TransLit program has three modes that have their own peculiarities. The first is stationary mode - the desired text is copied into a special program window where it is translated upon request. The second mode is mobile mode, that is when copied text is translated into the desired language directly to the clipboard. The third mode is "on-the-fly", with its help text is translated immediately while being written. It is very convenient for those who carries on a correspondence using transliteration or, it is used when Russian layout is not available.You can edit each mode and create a profile at your own discretion, where you can specify general features of certain characters and its combinations translation.

Bitobit TransLit program is designed to facilitate work with transliteration, make transliterated text writing and reading easy and convenient. Our site provides the ability to download Bitobit TransLit for free now.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019
Windows 7, Vista, XP
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Bitobit TransLit for Windows PC

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+1 Andrew
Sometimes everyone have to work with transliteration and always it is not very convinietnt, that's why this application is very useful. You can easy anderstand text on transliteration.

2016-06-27 05:45

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+1 Adolf
Comfortable translator, easy keyboard can let you input all data without problems. And ofcourse, it is very fast.

2015-09-04 04:59

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+1 John
Useful translator with convienient keyboard. Translation is very fast and accurate, what is needed when you translate on russian.

2015-08-22 08:52

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