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Dictionary.NET is another representative of computer translators' large family. This program uses the most popular Internet services which are distinguished by quality translation. We are talking about Google Translate, Google Dictionary and Suggest.

The translator supports more than sixty most common languages ​​that can be specified both as initial and final. In addition, developers have pleased users of the program with the ability to instantly translate text when using the web, reading a variety of documents and letters in your mail. Attention, if you want to download Dictionary.NET free you must have Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 version or better.

Program functionality features

  • availability of the so-called intelligent translation;
  • processing the selected part of text using hot keys;
  • full-text translation combined with the possibility of certain word translation;
  • availability of text prompts;
  • option of web pages and document translation as well as search in Wikipedia;
  • qualitative audio pronouncing of individual words, phrases and sentences in the target language;
  • program window replacement with the clock if it's not used for a long time;
  • displayed list of languages ​​with the subsequent option of choosing the necessary one.

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Thursday, 10 June 2021
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Dictionary.NET for Windows PC

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0 Ronald Avalon
It would be great if it worked

2021-03-16 05:00

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0 Victoria
It is very useful to have a possibility in any time to consult with a dictionary what does any unknown word meen.

2016-06-15 13:32

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