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			Client for Google Translate

Client for Google Translate is a very handy practical program that lets you instantly translate text which is in the browser window. The program can be translated into 50 foreign languages. This is the latest version of the application. Download Client for Google Translate free from our site.

Client for Google Translate works with most applications including web browsers, MS Word, Outlook Express and others. The program works with a popular service - Google Translate. It is very easy to use. To translate the text, you only need to select it in the browser, or in other open application which is currently in use, and then perform instant translation. Then translation can be copied to the clipboard for further use. You can also perform translations of the text from the clipboard, pasting the text into the program, which can even be in minimized mode.

The program provides an opportunity to not only translate words and sentences, but also searches for their definitions in Wikipedia. User-friendly interface allows you to modify the text in one click . When you press the button “G” translation is done, pressing “W” opens Wikipedia search, pressing ”S”- definition search will be in Google Translate. The application offers hotkeys and ”the best translation” function.
Key features and functions of the program:

  • quick translation;
  • supports about 50 languages;
  • you can listen to the translation;
  • automatic language detection;
  • check for updates;
  • the program has a standard and portable version.

The program on our website is free. You can download Client for Google Translate using link below on this page.

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Saturday, 23 June 2018
Windows 7, Vista, XP
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Client for Google Translate for Windows PC

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+1 ekaterina23
Fast and easy in using. There is option to listen to translation:). I use only english, about other languages i have nothing to say.

2016-03-04 19:36

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+2 Adolf
Easy and simple translator for every one. I use this translator when I read texts on german and spanish - translation is readable.

2015-09-07 17:33

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+1 Felice
Ideal for me office programm for translate Chinese sent large letter. Im starts programm for translate my text and continue do it vital work.

2015-03-20 09:35

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+1 Helen
It's not perfect like every machine translator, but sometimes it's quite useful. The hotkeys make work faster and easier.

2014-12-30 23:07

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