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Dicter is a free utility that translates texts with support for multiple languages.

Dicter Functionality

The Dicter translator uses a database provided by the well-known Google Translate service, which allows the program to provide support for more than fifty different languages.

An important feature of the utility is the ability to perform a full translation directly on the site page. To do this is simple: the required text fragment is highlighted, then using the Ctrl combination with Alt, the user receives the result of the translation. As an alternative to keys, you can use the utility icon, located in the tray and performing a similar function.

When working with the program, you may encounter a case when, performing the above actions, instead of the translated text, a message appears about the occurrence of an error. This happens infrequently and often due to the inability of the program to detect the text intended for translation. To eliminate this, it is necessary to select the text again and again resort to the help of Ctrl + Alt, after which Dicter will perform its task.

Another “trick” that the Dicter translator is ready to offer is that in addition to the standard text translation function, it can also reproduce it. Also, the program is optimized for use on outdated versions of the Windows operating system, as well as on its most recent and current releases.

Install dicter

After downloading, run the installation Dicter. Since the program is free, during its installation, at the same time as the utility itself, the user is asked to install non-translator software. To abandon the installation of third-party programs, it is enough to remove the corresponding "tick".

Once the installation of the application is complete, you can use the automatically created shortcut to launch the main window. If the program settings have not been changed, by default it will be launched with the OS loading. When the utility is correctly installed, the Dicter icon will appear in the notification area (tray), clicking on which activates the program itself, as well as its settings panel.

Dicter Features

  • Work in macOS and Windows (7, 8, 10).
  • Using the Google Translate service.
  • Automatic language detection.
  • No additional add-ons are required.
  • Simple interface.
  • Instant translation launched by shortcuts.

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