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Free software for translating texts from various languages
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QTranslate is one of the simplest applications, which is meant to interpret texts. It is very simple to use. On our site there is the latest version of the application where all visitors have the opportunity to download Qtranslate for free.

The program recognizes a very large number of foreign languages among which are the rarest. It is easy to work in it. If you want to translate words and sentences you can select them with a mouse click and then dial the desired hotkey combination. Key combination can be set independently. The application supports different browsers, text editors and other reader programs. Translation in the program is done by using such services as Google Translate, Babylon, Promt and other.

When translating you can enable voice support in order to hear the correct pronunciation of words. However, this function is only available for those words, sound files of which are in the database for translation services. The program requires permanent internet connection. The application has a fairly simple and intuitive interface which makes it is to work on it.

Qtranslate features and functions:

  • You can translate words from any browsers and text documents;
  • translation in the opposite direction is produced by pressing a single key;
  • replacing of the original text with its translation directly in the program;
  • fast translation;
  • voice reproduction of the original text and its translation;
  • auto-complete feature;
  • application stores translations history;
  • built-in virtual keyboard.

On our site there is the latest version of the program where anyone can download Qtranslate.

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QTranslate for Windows PC

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Cool program for the translation. Small, doesn't eat a RAM, but on functionality it is better than analogs which I occupy over 600 MB

2016-12-05 07:19

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