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Utility to unlock protected files and folders
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Unlocker is a free application with which you can unlock files used by certain processes or protected by system settings. The program is combined with the context menu, displaying an additional item “Unlocker”, which allows you to quickly unlock the file. The application supports a large number of languages, in particular Russian.

Unlocker application

The program is used in the following situations:

  • It is impossible to delete a folder due to its use by a running application;
  • I cannot delete a file because access to it is denied;
  • There are notifications on the screen with a recommendation to check whether the disk is full or that the selected file is not currently active;
  • “sharing violation” or “file is busy by another application or user” appear on the monitor;
  • other messages of a similar nature.

Unlocker working principle

The program finds the process that locks the file and fixes this problem. After this, any operations with files can be performed: delete, move or rename. It is also possible to simply complete the process.

Unlocker is able to work with individual files and folders. Installing Unlocker on a PC is in normal mode. Due to the fact that the program is combined with the Windows context menu, to unlock, you must right-click on the locked file or folder by clicking the Unlocker item in the opened menu.

Unlocker is equipped with a special Assistant located in the system tray and opening the main program window by double clicking on the application icon.

Unlocker features

  • allows you to copy, rename, move and delete files;
  • runs automatically with the operating system;
  • Russian interface language;
  • can be integrated into the context menu and notification zone;
  • deletes temporary files used.

Unlocker is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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