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UnLock IT is a unique, simple utility, the main purpose of which is to unlock folders and files. The program provides the ability to regain control of blocked processes, applications, resources and systems.

In the course of its work, UnLock IT first finds a list of blocked processes, and then begins work on unlocking them. This is mainly done by terminating processes, as well as closing libraries, folders, and files.

Due to the fact that the utility is embedded directly in Windows Explorer, you can unlock files and folders through the context menu.

Unlock IT Efficiency

UnLock IT will bring maximum benefit if, during an attempt to rename, move or delete a file, the user is faced with a system alert like "access denied" or "resource locked" (used by another unknown program).

To correctly unlock a folder or file, you must:

  1. select an object;
  2. check blocking processes;
  3. after the list of blocking processes is displayed on the desktop of the computer, the user needs only to close them, which will help prevent blocking in a natural way.
  4. in the event that the user fails to manually close the processes, the program can close the programs and processes on the PC necessary for unlocking.

The basic features of UnLock IT.

  • Integration with Windows through Explorer. This feature allows you to reduce the number of actions to unlock programs, folders and files, and also allows you to perform an unlock operation in the context menu.
  • Lock and unlock files and folders in Windows x64 and x86 without interfering with the work of the main processes of the working system.
  • Forced closing of applications and files on a secure basis. This feature is safe, since even in the case of the forced shutdown of certain processes, related processes do not hurt and continue to work in standard mode.
  • Completion of protected processes. In the event that processes that prohibit access to the desired resource are working in protected mode, UnLock IT is able to close them and thereby stop their work (this function is especially important in the case of computer virus infections.

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