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KOMPAS-3D Viewer

free software for viewing and printing KOMPAS documents
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KOMPAS-3D Viewer is a special utility program for KOMPAS-3D. KOMPAS-3D Viewer can be free downloaded for printing and viewing all the templates and documents created in the program of three-dimensional modeling of various parts, assemblies and drawings - KOMPAS-3D.

This utility also allows you to view and print files of DWG and DXF format. 
However, you should keep in mind that this utility opens the files of these formats, created only in the current or previous versions, so it needs constant updating.


KOMPAS-3D-Viewer 001


Also, KOMPAS-3D Viewer cannot edit drawings, its functionality doesn't apply to it. But the files opened with this tool, can be viewed both in bulk form, and in a graphic one, with cuts and sections.

The interface is clean, all functions are clear and there is help. The represented item can be displayed at different angles and with custom halftone settings. Despite the fact that KOMPAS -3D Viewer can be downloaded free, its toolbar has all the necessary features which are often available only in paid counterparts.


KOMPAS-3D-Viewer 002


For normal functioning of KOMPAS-3D Viewer, it is necessary to maintain minimum system requirements (which are not so enormous and on all modern computers it won't be difficult to carry them out):

  • processor from the Pentium III (clock frequency of 800 MHz);
  • ETA from 512 MB;
  • graphics adapter SVGA (32 MB video memory ;
  • DVD-ROM drive;
  • 500 MB free space on the hard drive;
  • mouse.

Here you can download KOMPAS-3D Viewer free.

Installation file data
Category CAD Drawing
Title KOMPAS-3D Viewer
Version 13
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 150 MB
Downloads 928
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-18

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KOMPAS-3D Viewer reviews

0 Max
I think its better than 3d max, but my pc to slow for this program. Maybe when i buy more ddr this problem will be fix.

2015-01-16 10:47

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0 Artur
KOMPAS-3D VIEWER 13 is in principle not difficult, normal utility to view the documents developed in the system KOMPAS-3D. Do not think that in this program you can edit or create new files! It is for viewing only! I generally prefer AUTOCAD...

2014-11-19 04:06

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0 Sasha
KOMPAS-3D Viewer is great program! I can now view the final drawings and three-dimensional models. But unfortunately, KOMPAS-3D Viewer cannot edit drawings

2014-10-23 16:38

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