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			Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a useful program for two- and three-dimensional design of premises. Indispensable for redevelopment, the development of design projects, landscape design. The user can create his project from the very beginning or use the finished one from the gallery of projects posted by other users.

Changes to the layout occurs in two-dimensional mode, and three-dimensional mode is intended for viewing. Furnish the room with furniture, change its location, choose interior and exterior to your taste. The program will help everyone to redevelop the premises, create a unique interior or develop a landscape project. Does not require professional skills.

Features Planner 5D

  • only the necessary functions;
  • creating individual projects and placing them in the user work gallery;
  • it is possible to create an unlimited number of projects;
  • full view of the finished results in the virtual walk mode;
  • embedded templates;
  • a wide choice of colors, textures and the possibility of their combination;
  • the ability to scale the premises, change their geometry;
  • Download unlimited number of project screenshots to a computer;
  • provides for editing projects;
  • 2D and 3D high quality graphics;
  • a huge library of various objects, including all kinds of furniture, stairs, plants, other interior items, exterior and landscape elements;
  • the ability to change the color, size, geometry and texture of objects;
  • ease of use.

Disadvantages of the program

  • technical support does not always respond to user questions in a timely manner;
  • in extremely rare cases, the application is closed while navigating the catalog or opening certain projects;
  • the lack of some possibilities: you can not make niches and ledges in the walls, the roof is only in one version.

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