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SketchUp Make (Google SketchUp) is an application for 3D-modeling. New version is now available for users. Google SketchUp is necessary in the work of architects and designers. With this program you can create models of buildings, extensions, various design objects in 3D format. The program allows you to add items to the finished objects, change their texture, size.

Its advantage is the ability to place objects created in Google Earth service, to make them available for everyone to see online on 3D Warehouse website. The app is free, it is open for public access of users. Here is provided the opportunity to download SketchUp Make.
Google SketchUp includes tools:

  • Drawing: polygon tool for simple and complex forms, a tool for creating copies of an object;
  • for design: dimensions, measure tape, protractor, the choice of the layers, the calculation of area and length.

Program features:

  • drawing, editing, rotation, scaling of shapes,
  • Model division into sections and then viewing the sections,
  • adding components,
  • retouching, flattening,
  • simulation of shades,
  • imitation of cameras layout,
  • Web excursions,
  • creation of excursions-presentations,
  • export of dimensional graphic files into 3D,
  • printing images
  • development of additional applications in Ruby.

SketchUp Make program provides necessary assistance in the development of complex design projects. It works with raster and vector graphics and animation. The application will be useful not only for professional designers , but also for ordinary users. It can be used in the planning of repair. To disclose their design skills only need to download SketchUp Make free. The program can create models from scratch, download ready-made objects , and even create models of cities in 3D. It is pretty exciting , it has a simple interface , adapted for the average user . In addition, it provides technical support after two years of use. SketchUp Make you can download free from this page right now.
Easy installation program does not require special skill , the program Russified.

You can download SketchUp Make using link below on the page.

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SketchUp Make for Windows PC

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0 KvinDekin
Very good program, recommend to all!

2017-02-04 04:49

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0 Edward Adamson
Wow...Just the best program for 3D modeling, just cool, in him so easy 3D modeling.

2016-04-17 18:04

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0 Frankie
Great soft! It makes life easier when you dealing with it! I think guys who created it are very smart!

2015-09-24 14:09

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+1 BurgerKing
This is really cool. I'm use this program for my design projects!

2015-08-03 08:46

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0 John
This program really can be useful if you engaged design!

2015-08-03 08:23

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-1 Mary
This programme is a necessity for me. It helps me in studiing as an architect. It comfortable in use

2015-06-21 09:49

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0 VickyGG
This is very useful program! It helped me in creating the project of repair in my apartment! The result is great! It's a quite easy program even for girl! Recommend it!

2015-02-08 13:20

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