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The updated version of the free Sweet Home 3D program is represented to your attention. You can download Sweet Home 3D for free and without the extra effort to create a plan for a house or apartment, model interior design. Numerous tips will facilitate work with the program.

User-friendly interface allows you to split the screen on four main windows at once.

  • Catalogue of furniture pieces.
  • The catalog contains samples that can be added to the project design.
  • List of furniture pieces used in the project.
  • Here you can view the information (name, size, etc.) of those samples of furniture that are used in the project.
  • The list is sorted while selecting the characteristics of interest.
  • Level plan.
  • A special area where you can draw the walls and put the furniture.
  • 3D lookup.
  • In this window, you can see the created house in 3D mode. You can View your house both from the top and also there is the function of a "virtual visitor", allowing you to view the house from the inside.

Each window has focus (displayed by a rectangle) where the list of possible actions is enclosed.

To work with the program you need to download Sweet Home 3D and adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • Import your building project.
  • Draw the walls over the downloaded scan of the project.
  • Edit thickness, coloring, walls texture.
  • Add to the project window and door and edit their properties.
  • Add furniture.
  • Customize the coloring and texture of the floor and the ceiling.
  • Put down the size and print the results.

You can download Sweet Home 3D for free from our website right now.

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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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Sweet Home 3D for Windows PC

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+1 John
This program is very useful for planning and designing your apartment very quickly. And the catalogue of furniture pieces helps me a lot during my flat redecoration.

2016-02-05 19:18

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+2 perviz
very good

2015-05-01 11:39

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0 Jeanette
The cool thing! Our company is engaged in construction of houses and repair. This program is very useful to us.

2015-03-27 09:45

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+1 Bad Boy
great program, thanks to the developers. Though it I can understand, not that in some

2015-03-26 09:21

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-2 Helen
This program is quite useful for a person who is going to change the interior of his/her house or flat. Sometimes it is better to look at the 3D version at first. Like it. It is simple one.

2014-12-01 17:38

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+1 Ann
Yes ! This amazing program ! Often helps me in my work . Very simple , understandable and useful thing.

2014-11-26 18:07

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+1 Hery
This program has helped me make good Projects for your home . I thought that for a long time and as expected, but with her help I will succeed .

2014-11-14 12:46

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